I am a mama to 4 beautiful souls, Rowan, Sloan, Phoenix, and Valorie. My husband Justin and I have been married for 5 years, and together for 9. Three of our children walk the journey of life with us here on earth, while one lives on in our memories. We lost our second child, our 7 month old son Sloan, unexpectedly to SIDS in 2017. Since his death, I have focused on raising awareness about infant sleep safety, child loss, grief and bereavement, and mental health. My entire online presence is based in being fully transparent about life, loss, parenthood, and marriage. I try my best to make my space a welcoming one for all, but especially for mamas like me, who want to feel seen in the messiness and struggles of motherhood, amidst a social media world that has too long been cloaked in idillic and impossible appearances. Real life is making a come back, and I am here for it.